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frequently asked questions

1. How do i download CV template for free? provide CV Template you can download for free. Go to Carolina template, add to cart and go to checkout page. Once you succeed, you will see a zip link file that contains Word file, Canva link and other details.

2. What document format will i get?

You will get 2 types of document. Microsoft Word and Canva. Microsoft word is in .docx format. And for Canva link, You will get a it inside a zip file after succeed checkout.

3. How do i download documents after payment?

You will see a product download zip link after you made payment. Zip file contains .docx and canva link. Please email to us if canva link doesn't work at [email protected]

4. How do i customize my CV or Resume?

For .docx file please use Microsoft Word on Mac or PC. For Canva file, please use Canva application or canva website at

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How to write the perfect CV Format?

Here are some valuable tips for those starting in the professional world who want to create a CV Format or Cover Letter Format that will impress recruiters.

What is CV? Formats and Examples

The first thing you should know is that a Curriculum Vitae or CV is a piece of writing that contains information about your educational background and work experience. Your recruiters want to see if you have the skills required for the position you are applying for and if you have previous experience. So tell them why you are the person they are looking for!

Discover our variety of CV Examples and Cover Letter Examples

What information is indispensable in CV Format?

Although there are different CV Examples on the web, most of them have in common the following information:

  • Personal information:first and last name, age, city.
  • Contact: phone number, email, and social media.
  • Academic background: professional degree, specialties, recognitions, or others.
  • Summary: this section allows you to convince them in a few sentences about your skills for the position.
  • Education: make a chronological account of your professional training, from the most recent to the oldest. No relevant education? Highlight your skills and experiences more.
  • Work experience: this section shows them your expertise for the position, including the name of the job, the name of the company, the time of employment, and your achievements there.
  • Skills (soft & hard): tell them what you can do, highlight your communication skills, adaptability, creativity, and acquired knowledge.

Make sure all the information you include is up to date!

Tips to make your CV Format stand out

The key is to organize the information correctly to quickly appreciate everything you have to offer for the company and the position you are applying for. 

  • No too long: the easier it is for recruiters to read it, the more time they will take to appreciate your profile.
  • Take care of the details:Offer a clean and professional appearance, take care of the use of fonts and color.
  • Organize the content: respect the margins and spacing, so your CV format is not difficult to read. 
  • Use multiple CV Format: Nowdays is a canva era. Your file should be editable via Micrasoft Word and Canva. See our Free CV Template you can use in both of it.

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