Lists of Personal Details You Should Include in Resume

Personal Details in Resume

Your education, work experiences, skills, and personal details are some of the important sections that you must include in your resume. However, do you know which personal details you must include in your resume and which one is not?

As a matter of fact, personal details are the first thing a recruiter sees from your resume. Due to this reason, your personal details such as your name and contact information should appear at the top of your resume.

Below is a good example of how it should be written:

Albert Dickinson

120 Olbert Street, Kent, ME13

Phone: 07084639282              Email: [email protected]


Here is the most important personal information that you must include in your resume. Let’s find out more!

1. Name

The first thing first is your name. It is not advised to write your full name – if your name consists of more than three words, instead, write your first and last name only is enough. Furthermore, it should be written in large, bold characters and should be at the center of the page.

It is not necessary to write “CV” or “Curriculum Vitae” as a heading at the top of the resume page. You can start straight with your name.

2. Address

The address is becoming the second most important information that you should mention on your resume. Why? It is simply because it will give information to the recruiter whether you are a local or a remote applicant. Additionally, adding your address will make you a trusted applicant as the recruiter will see you have permanently based somewhere and not always on the go.

3. Telephone number

A telephone number is the most important information for your resume. It should be your personal cell phone or landline number. If you are applying for jobs internationally, you should include your country’s dialing code as well.

4. Email address

Email address is the other most important personal contact information, as many companies prefer to contact you through your email address rather than by phone number.

One thing that you should pay more attention to is the way you create your email address. Always use a professional personal email address, for example, [email protected]. Try to avoid using an unprofessional email address, such as:

[email protected]
beautifulgirl[email protected]
[email protected]

Avoid including these personal details in your resume

There are some personal details that you should not write on your resume unless there is an obligation from the company to include them, such as nationality, place and date of birth, gender, marital status, number of children, current salary, religion, driving license details, and health status

If you wondering what are the reasons for not including these details in your resume, keep on reading!

1. Not the trend anymore

The modern resume is bringing the concept of equality which see all the applicant as an equal becomes the main reason why adding your nationality, marital status, or gender is not necessary anymore nowadays.

If your resume does contain this outdated information, it will look odd amongst the other resume, something you do not want.

2. Encourage equality

Recruiters nowadays are not supposed to do discrimination against prospective employees based on several things, including age, gender, and religion, under new anti-discrimination regulations. So, everyone will have the same chance to work and contribute to the company’s success as long as they are capable and fit the position.

Then, why would you add these information on your resume if the company does not even need it?

3. Recruiters are paying more attention to your skills

Companies nowadays are mostly paying more attention to your skills and abilities and are careless about your marital status, the number of your children, or your religion.

Those are the reasons why the personal information that you need to put in your resume is only your name, address, and contact information that will be used for identification and contacting you.

Other optional details that you may include in your resume

There are two additional details that you can include to add value to your resume, i.e.

  • LinkedIn account
  • Personal website/portfolio URL

A LinkedIn page is a social media platform to highlight your professional career. Thus, including it in your resume could broaden your chance to get your dream job as the recruiter could see your skills and expertise through your LinkedIn page. Furthermore, if you have a personal or portfolio website, it is always great to add them to your resume as it could strengthen your application.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your dream job with an outstanding resume!